My Story, My Life

My Life as a cow hauler. Why would anyone want to do this?  The hours are unreal, well not for me. I am a woman. I learned how to drive a truck when I was 14, not the right way. We had rodeo stock and had our own rodeo arena at our house. Daddy bought 2 semi trucks, My step brother Gary and I took them out for a drive, to main street in our little farm town. Daddy knew we had taken them. Daddy, he was always smart. Then we figured out, he accused us of something, we admitted it. We caught on to that. Daddy had a tree service, I could run a lot of the equipment and drive most of the trucks, the ones I could reach the pedals to. We had the wheat trucks at harvest, the things farm kids at 13 did, take the wheat to town.  Now if you would have told me that I would be driving a semi all over the country I would have laughed at you. Let alone hauling cattle. So this is where my story, my life started. I have enough fun, sad, desperate, crying fits, screaming , an abusive man, 3 little girls, mental illness, thoughts of dying, falling in LUST and falling in Love a couple of times, working with men, Learning how they really tick, jealous wives and girl friends, men who we’re so nice, but had issues of their own, well the list goes on. I thought about this for a long time, and now the “Story”  “My Life” is going to be told…….My Life
The Life


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