My Story, My Life

Now sometimes I may not talk about my story from the start, Sometimes I may have issues I want to yell about at that moment. But Lets move on. I was born in a small farming town in Kansas, I know I mentioned before. When I was 4 my Mom left my Dad and moved my younger brother and I to Los Angles California with a man we called  “Daddy” My Dad had been sent to prison for 18 months for stealing a gun to pay a debt from a poker game. I remember being 5 years old sitting in the back of a pickup while my Mom and Dad talked, at that time I guess I didn’t know it was my “real” Dad. I remember being in California living in a high rise apartment building, sneaking out and going to the Safeway store to ride the horse. I dragged my little brother out there with me. My Mom screaming at us to ” Get your butts back up here!” Well my next memory was moving to a house on Greenfield Ave, and going to school at Charnock Rd. Febuary 9th 1971 Los Angles California had a bad earthquake. I woke up at 6 am from hearing a fire truck close by. Then my bed would shake, and the shaking got harder, I thought my little brother was doing it, then my dad ( Jerry was his name) came to my room turned on my light and told me to get into the doorway. I couldn’t walk on the floor, I had to crawl. I had no idea what was going on. I know this shaking went on that day really bad. After shocks. for the next 3 days we had after shocks and we didn’t go to school. We didn’t have damage at our home but my school suffered a lot of damage. I got to be out of school almost 2 weeks. So then life started to become normal again…Until that summer we took a vacation and went to Kansas. Going out there we stopped at all the places like Az, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, then Kansas. We went to Jerry’s parents home. Grandma and Grandpa. Then, He came over there. He being MY Dad. My Dad Sonny. Scotty my little brother ran right to him, Scotty was 2 years younger than me, How did he know him and I didn’t. My Mom told me that was my dad. I looked at her and I remember this so well… I said no thats my daddy pointing to Jerry. My Mom for the first time told me Jerry is my other daddy , but called a step daddy. I know for the first time of my simple life I was so confused. I went to him and he hugged me and called me Cricket. I had now idea why. He told me my grandpa named me that when I was little. I was 8 years old, and for some reason I remember wanting to get away from all of it. But my dad Sonny took Scotty and I for the next 3 days. Daddy had horses, he lived in town then but far enough from town to have 2 horses. He had a wife or at that time I don’t think they was married yet. Her name was Lois. She had 3 kids, Debbie, Gary and Tammy. I remember way back then Lois didn’t like me. What a bad thing to feel at 8 years old. Daddy took us to see our grandpa Ralph. He hugged me calling me Cricket, I loved my grandpa. I found out I was the first born grandchild of Ralph Henderson. Well we left to go back to California… and at 8 years old, I knew California is not where I wanted to be. I wanted to be with “MY” dad. Back to California I remember I was quite, to quite for me. I wanted to go back. Is this where my story really starts? I think it is, because I felt things an 8 year old shouldn’t feel. They call it resentment. I had it growing fast to.Long Trip Ahead

Cattle Waiting To Load

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