My Story , My Life

My Story, My Life…

So, meeting my Dad. When I was 10 Daddy ( Sonny) flew to California to get me for the summer for a visit. I get here and yea I was right, his wife hated me…I am 10 years old, shes never been around me enough, this started laying out to be TROUBLE!! I followed my dad everywhere, this man was my hero. We went to rodeos and a thing called Fun shows. It was mainly for kids. That summer I took to horses so fast. I could ride really well , better than well. Then the summer was over for me

It was back to California, the place I knew I hated. Yup I came back with a bad attitude, My Mother and I could not get along. They bought me a horse, and I rode with other girls that we’re around my age. We was trouble. We took chances our parents never knew about, like catching rattlesnakes and selling them. One Saturday afternoon I was ridding a bike from the top of our hill where we lived, I was trying to make a jump half way down the hill. well I ended up in the hospital with a head injury. My parents was having a party that night, I was told by Jerry ” You are NOT to ride that damn horse for a week. Hey It was an accident, a stupid move but my brothers did it all the time. My Mom had to keep me awake for 6 hours… No problem there. Now I did go to sleep about 1 am. And the party it was still going strong. 

The next morning I called Jennnifer my best friend and her and I was going on horseback to the caves to catch rattlesnakes and take them to a guy who bought them. Catching rattlesnakes like that and selling them was illlegal back then. But we saddled up and headed out. I knew my parents wouldn’t be up till noon and I knew we would be back by 10 am at the latest. And things was going well until…. A hole in my sack caused a snake came out, got into my horses vison. We was on a dirt path next to a paved rode, she shyed crossed to the left and slipped and fell on my left side them snakes were loose and all around me. I hwy patrolman just HAPPEN to be coming over the hill seen the accident, but he had no idea there was rattlesnakes around me. I used my elbow to try to get away from them, but that got me bit on my left hand. He tried to get to me to get me away from the snakes.  My only option was to lay still till someone could get there to remove the snakes, funny thing, he called the guy we was taking the snakes to. My friend threw her bag into the field next to us. the ambulance got there but the hwy patrol guy wanted my phone number and my parents name and where I lived. OH HELL NO !! I acted like I couldn’t remember. But he knew my friend had to have known. When the ambulance people could get to me they put and air cast on my left leg, and gave me a shot for the snake bite then. I was taken to Tri City Hospital. We lived in Vista California back then. I had still been 11 at the time. Back then should have a been ” HELL FELON IN THE MAKING HERE”  Well yea you guessed it , my ass was i big trouble. My step dad was going to sell my horses and I was grounded for life. ( One of many grounded for lives I had in my  lifetime) I broke my knee, I was transfered to UCLA medical Center. They stuck a needle in my knee, darined the fluid from my knee and put in a fake knee cartlaige. Hey it worked, the Dr’s told my Mom that when I was 18 I would have stopped growing and I   needed to have my knee broke again and redone. Guess what I am 53 and I am just now starting to have very little pain in it, just a minor aches once in awhile. Okay now I think that’s the point my mom had had enough. One half of 6th grade I was in California, the half, Kansas. 7th grade was in San Marcos California school even though we lived in Vista. My first boyfriend was Marvin, his sister was my best friend. Mom and I couldn’t go a day without fighting about something. I was hard headed, and trying to grow up really fast. The time I meet my Dad at age 8 still affected me, ” A LOT”.  So when I was in 7th grade most of my friends we’re older. We would go to some guys house where they all smoked pot. I didn’t I was scared to. But I still got to be in the “Horse Girls Outlaw Gang” that’s what it was called ” Girls Outlaws” we did onrey stuff. The boys camp wasn’t to far away…so one night I snuck out my window and got my horse. I rode bareback because where my saddle was would have woke my parents. We had spied on the boys camp and we knew they sat around the camp fire sang songs , talk about their day and said the nightly prayer. So Lori, Janet, Debbie, Jennifer Desi, Loretta and I waited for the right time, just as they was singing the last song, we ran our horses right through the circle ,Jumped the camp fire and rode off in the dark. We all hurried and got home before the cops showed up. Sure enough within an hour the cops was at my front door. He told my parents what happened and my Mom went to my room and seen I was asleep. The cop asked to see my horse. No Saddle marks he noticed, and she was cool to the touch because it was cool that night and I was bareback. The policeman asked me if I may have known who it could have been? I told him I have no Idea. We was all bareback and the cop had gone to all us girls house. Janet’s dad owned a dad worked night Club in Escondito and wasn’t home and Lori’s dad worked at night. Their mothers was not in their lives. Us girls would ride to this place that we swam our horses aacross .. now I think about it it was so stupid. This was very deep water!!  Taking chances back then.. ( Note to self your heading right into taking chances later in life)

Well my mom and I still butted heads. I would had Johnny Narvo and Billy Smith come over with Lorttea Clark and we played on the oujia borad. Said I was going to marry a John.. It wasn’t the John ( Johnny N) It was John McIver, I had not met yet. Well grandma lived with us and she told my mom everything. This is the time I was getting boobs, I was already wearing a “B” bra.. I starting wearing my moms clothes. Once I got nosy and looked for money between the matteress in my parents room…OMG !! I found nude and sexual pictures of my Mom and dad and another couple. I seen the money, but those pics freaked me out. Okay my Mom and Sonny had been talking alot I noticed, then Mama asked me if I wanted to go live with my dad in Kansas all the time. I was so excited, I said ” YES YES YES” But I had to get through 7th grade and I would go as soon as school was out which was in June. In California school started in September… Not the case in Kansas…I will talk about that later. So I continued my ” Outlaw” streak. My boyfriend now was Marvin. My best friends brother. There was a place we all called ” Lizard Lake” All it was -was a place to smoke pot, have sex and so on. There was a tunnel that went under hwy 71. I went there with Marvin several times, but never had sex…NEVER! 

Well to was time to move, and my step dad noticed all my things was packed, seems mama never told my step dad I was leaving for good. He was upset. Now that surprised me…but I was excited I get to be with MY DAD…So I thought. There was still the woman he was married to. That is a sad but true story.   


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