My Story , My Life

My Story, My Life

So, I ended with going to my husbands Christmas party, wore a dress, Not wranglers and boots like I did last year. 

So I left off moving to Kansas from California to be with my Dad, It was great, but daddy had no idea how to raise a girl. I learned so much from him, he taught me to weld when I was 12. Well at age 12, I learned SO much. How to run equipment, ( he owned a tree service) I learned how to drive the tractor, and the pickup, but I had to sit off to the side so I could see over the dash. My Grandpa was still alive then, I loved him, He named me cricket. My dad and a friend of mine in Oklahoma are the only ones that call me cricket. My friend, I never told him that was my name, strange how that came about. Well we had rodeo stock, Daddy really wanted to have the best bucking bulls. He bought some Swamp from Louisanna Brama bulls, 3 year olds. They could stand at a 6 ft fence and clear it. They got out and went to town, talk about a ” Round-Up” !!  We was doing some cowboying in the City limits here. Wow. At age 12 we bucked the new bulls at the fair grounds because our arena that we was building at our house wasn’t ready. And that day I got on 3 bulls. of course I bucked off, BUT… I LOVED IT!!  Yup, I liked my horse but bucking bulls, I wanted to be the first woman to make it to the National Finals Rodeo in Bullriding. My Friend Devon he and I was the same age, we was going to move to Las Curses Mew Mexico, the only reason there is because it sounded cool, the name that is. So I did my fair share of riding bulls, I won more than I lost. Then…. I started getting top heavy, I started to bow way to much. My dad said I couldn’t do it anymore. You know I look back, my dad never praised me, never said anything good about me growing up, and it was because of his wife. 

His wife hated me, I heard her say to Kay Smith, ” I just can’t stand looking at her because she looks like her mother”… WOW.. a Grown woman would say that… Well when I pick up where I left off, The story starts…..till then,


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