My Story , My Life

My Story, My Life…..

My Story , My Life……

Everyone has one, and your story has made you who you are. I lived in California when I was 5 when I moved there. I  remember there was a Safeway store next door and we lived in the 9th floor of this apartment, and my bother Scotty he was 3 years old, we had gone to the store and was riding the horse, and my Mom yelled so loud we could hear her plain as day from the 9th floor of that tall apartment building SCREAMING at the top of Lungs ( and she was a little Cherokee woman!)… But Said Christina Marlene( Middle Name..oh yea) you 2 get your butts up here right now!! Oh she meant it!  I have a memory of being 4 or 5 years old and being in the back of a pickup sitting on the tool box, My Mom was fighting with someone man in the pickup.

Then the next day I was with my Mom and this man I didn’t know riding a horse bareback and he would rare up alot, This man called me Cricket, I didn’t know him why was he calling me that? Then Back in California we moved to Los Angels Ca, lived on Greenfield Ave, Went to school at Charonock Rd school. 10 Blocks from my house. Feb 9 1971 at 6 am we had a major earthquake. I remember hearing a fire truck going by which woke me. I thought my brother was shaking my bed. Then my Dad came to my room and told me to come to the doorway, I couldn’t stand up and walk so I crawled to him. Troy was a little baby then. Our school did suffer some damage, we was out of school for 2 weeks. I remember the after shocks would scare my brother and I. My dad owned 2 Mobile Gas Stations when gas was .13 a gal, and they worked on cars there too. I remember a vacation to Kansas one summer. My Mom, Dad, and my little brothers stopped at all the cites to see on the to Ks.  Then we get to Grandpa and Grandma’s house in Winfield Ks. Then this man I had never seen before comes in and says ” I’m Your Dad Cricket, there was that name some man had called me Cricket like the man Mom was fighting with in the pickup, the same man who had me riding that horse at the fair grounds. Scotty ran right to him. I wasn’t so sure. He lived sorta out of town, he had 2 horses. Scotty and I spent the next 5 days with him, his wife and her kids. We came back and all I could think about was being with my dad. I was 8 and raising hell about it at that early age. That next summer I got to spend with daddy, and my grandpa Ralph , Grandpa had told me that he named me Cricket because I hopped around in the basket full of beans. I learned to drive daddys green ford pickup. Several days before that I put 3 goose eggs in the glove box. I wanted to pull daddys  pickup around the barn …Well I had to sit sideways to see over the dash, I hit the tractor. Grandpa told daddy ” You leave my Cricket alone, as a matter of fact she’s going to stay with me tonight. So grandpa and I watched the only 2 tv stations he got there, and they went off at midnight. Grandpa told me stories about the rock barn that burned down, All the horses were race horses and high dollar ones to. Moving along in 6th grade I went to Alvin Dunn Elementary School though we lived in Vista was the town we lived in. But The School we went to was in San Marcos Ca. now the other half of 6th grade i went to school at Country View In Winfield Ks. It had 5th and 6th grade class together and there was only one class for each grades. Something I didn’t know they had, but they did. 7th Grade was in California In San Marcos Ca. and it was back to several classes. My parents had bought me a horse, well Lee a mexican  guy who lived with us had 2 horses. We had a little girl gang …sorta Janet Emidy , Lori Amy , Desi and Lorretta Clark and Debbie Howel…. we was a “gang” about it now. One day we all left at 5am bound for Mexico… Road the beaches, made it into Mexico and it was dark. We didn’t think this “Ride” out very well… Well I moved from California to Kansas for good. My step Dad Jerry ( I had always called him Daddy, we was a great provider for us. He was upset I was moving for good. My Mom hadn’t told him, he was mad because Momma hadn’t told him, and I could see his hurtimages (1)

Living with my dad was “NEVER A DULL MOMENT!!”  The original house was 2 story with 5 bedrooms, I had my own step brother with a door that joined our rooms, Step sister Tammy and Half sister Kimberly had a room together, Roger Mitch and Tony ( Step cousins ) had a room together, Shane was 1 when the house burnt clear to the ground. They brought a single wide trailer house , in 1972 they was small. We all slept in hay loft in the barn. Man that was so great,and as kids we felt it was a all summer camp out. Then there was Pawhuska Oklahoma The Calvcade, Kids rodeo’d in the day, Adults in the Night followed by a dance everynight. It was a week long Camp out. DeeDee Smith and I hung out a lot, we was ridding the horse racing track, I don’t remember who she was with but I was with Roy Cooper… Yea. He kissed me and Tammy and Scotty and Kathy ( DeeDee’s sister) went back to camp and told on us. 

MY STORY, MY LIFE, 110710cattledrive (9)

 to be cont……



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