My Story , My Life

My Story, My Life,

images (3)Ahhh, My most joy, watching bucking bulls. I am sure if anyone is even reading this they have no idea what I see in it the glory in well bred bulls…Lets not forget the guys who get on them. I did it in high school, was really pretty good at it, My dad was a bull rider , he was an excellent bull rider. I started growing to much of a chest and would bow to the bull. The throws his head back and I started leaning way way to close to his head, so my dad ended that for me. 

The top picture is of my driving, had an ex boyfriend claimed to have been in PBR ( Professional Bull Riders ) So there is them but PRCA came first. It is Professional Rodeo Cowboys Ass. Okay a little history, honestly I could go on forever…. MY LIFE with one HELL of a STORY…. I know you have most likely found me boring so far, so I decided to go for it, Here is MY STORY, that gave me MY LIFE….

I had been married 4 times from 1980 to 1991, stayed single ( not Married boyfriend here and there and then some… then some comes along you’ll catch it. Now there are very few women who haul cattle ” solo” I was solo, how did it come about? I rode to Vernon Calif with a boyfriend and his team man ( Team is where one sleeps while the other drives keeping the truck moving almost 24/7) 

My ex gets up out of the drivers seat and says” Get over here …drive..” I had NO IDEA what I was doing, now this man was very abusive, but I will get to that later to.  We was going to Farmer Johns Hog plant, yes kill plant. I held the steering wheel, white knuckles and all, it was pretty smooth, then across the C.B. Radio I hear ” Hey Kenworth” ( that was the type of truck I was driving) He said it again, I knew it had to be me because I didn’t see any other truck on the road except me and the truck behind me. I said you talking to me? He said” if your hauling hogs, then ma’am I am talking to you, he says Your about to loose your cargo. My ex jumped up seen about 5 or 6 hog heads looking out the side gate, except there was NO GATE!!!  I am on I-10 in Los Angles at 2:30 am… I pulled off the next exit, now in L.A. trucks really can’t pull off anywhere, because there might NOT be a get on ramp ( Lingo= Get off ramp is to exit the freeway, GetOn Ramp is to get back on the freeway) Sometimes there is not a get on ramp. I had to chance it. He woke up the co driver I made a rough stop… remember I had only drove on ranch roads where it didn’t matter. oh yea, left that out, My ex hauled oil and water on Rocker B Ranch by San Angleo Texas, I sorta got the feel of it, I didn’t do worth a damn. Okay so we are all 3 plus the driver who told me on the CB tried to find the side gate… NO WHERE !!!  Ah Hell No !! How many hogs did we loose? did the gate fly into someones windshield? all sorta s of stuff was going through our minds.. We was 5 exits away from Farmer Johns. So my ex and the co driver got  in the trailer and acted as the gate to keep the hogs in the trailer. I slowly pull into farmer johns and told the man at the scale what problem we had going on, he radio’d someone and he said for me to go on in and unload, he got my weight, and as I was going to pull off the scale, I killed 3 times…. Hey Rookie… scared, but I pretented like I did it on purpose… on the 4th try I got it in 3rd gear and I was lost then, I stopped the truck , the co driver got out her bumped the chute ( when your trailer is even with the chute with no gaps its called bumping the chute) I had helped my ex keep the hogs in while the co driver bumped the chute. Okay disaster over with, when we scaled out our weight was PERFECT!!  We didn’t loose any hogs. Now We went over grapevine pass into Bakersfield Calif, The guys knew they was going to load just north of there and the trailer had to be SPOTLESS… they didn’t tell me what was being loaded, I figured kill cattle.. Boy was I wrong…

I woke up and we was at a dairy… Mexicans was putting straw in the floors.. lots of straw.. they bedded that trailer thick, then I seen babies, mexicans was bottle feeding these babies, I found out they was only hours old, from 30 minutes to 4 hours old, They laid the babies so carefully in that trailer, and we hauled ass to New Mexico… we pulled into the nursey, then it made me think, is this a veal farm… I lost it, I started crying. They had me get out and ask the ranch manager what type of place this was. He said that is was where they start infants, and it wasn’t a veal feed yard.. I noticed some calves would get out and play…. The sweetest thing I ever seen… later in the years I did that run (* solo ) to New Mexico… Dairy cattle. Well I wanted to drive more and more… everyone talks about Banning Calif scales being tough… Boy they are. I had a load of hogs No CDL   8500 over gross ( 80,000 is the limit, some states allow 85,000) any way they pull me in, I looked at my ex and said what do I do, he said “” GO IN”” Oh Hell No!!!  Well I took all the paper work except a log book, I didn’t have one since I didn’t even have learners permit… gezzz. So the chick behind the counter says ” Your over groos 8500 lbs”” Think quick I thought….. I said … Well we loaded in Del Rio Texas, and they put saw dust on the trailer floor, and as the hogs pee’d it caused the saw dust to expand thus making me heavy but not on purpose.” She looked at the other guy with her in the scale house, he said, ” Well yea that is most likely the deal”  She threw my paper work at me and said ” Be right next time you come through my scale” Man I jumped in the truck hauled ass before she figured it out…. My ex said well what happen, I said ” Tell Ya Later” Saw Dust Expands so leave it at that. On our way back to Texas he asked me again. I told him, he laughed for 300 miles…….images (5)

I have class in 10 minutes, so I will write Tuesday…. Ya’ll know the difference between a Lie and a fairy tale, A Fairy Tale starts out ” ONCE UPON A TIME”  A lie starts ( for truck drivers that is ) out ”THIS AIN’T NO SHIT””..

to be cont……


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